In a nutshell

It all started when our friends at Acelity approached us with a small design consulting project for a new and industry-groundbreaking mobile application – iOn Healing – designed to radically streamline the global medical company’s interactions with sales reps and wound clinicians. As the relationship grew and iOn Healing came to take on a more prominent role in Acelity’s product line, our collaboration extended to include full app UX design, product branding and messaging, website development, and production of an extensive repertoire of internal and external marketing and educational assets.

Chapter One

The making of a hit

Initially engaged to provide design consulting in a limited capacity, we were ultimately asked by Acelity to handle the entirety of the user experience design for their new iOn Healing mobile app. For the better part of a year we embedded ourselves in the product development team, collaborating closely with business and external stakeholders, marketing specialists, and software engineers to craft a solution that not only met company goals within budget and time constraints but consistently made evangelists out of first-time users in focus groups and field studies.

iOn HEALING Falling iPhones

Chapter Two

A product ethic is born

As development on the app neared completion, we were tasked with breathing life into the product’s branding both to internal and external audiences. The effort was a natural extension of our involvement in the design of the app itself from the ground up. Informed by our encounters with stakeholders, we crafted a vision of the app as something much greater than a mere business tool - it was a life-saving device, both in its potential to provide more efficient care to wound patients and in its capacity as an immense timesaver for healthcare clinicians, who would benefit from dramatically higher efficiencies in day-to-day business interactions with Acelity.

Chapter Three

Home fit for a hero

iOn Healing is fast taking its place as one of Acelity’s key products. A trailblazer in its class, eminently useful, and projecting a smart, modern character, its potential to enhance healthcare processes and extend the Acelity brand has consistently made believers out of users in and outside of the organization. Our culminating challenge in this rewarding project involved creating a website capable of eloquently yet affably carrying the message of advancement and innovation that iOn Healing embodies. Simple, powerful text and images transmit not only the content but the essence of the product. The final result is a mobile-first design incorporating a content management system that provides intuitive administration of the site to non-technical users within Acelity’s product team.