We’re all about facilitating direct, sincere, human connections with your audience – to the point that we’ve conceptually packaged up the philosophy as a practice we call Authenticity Branding. To best accomplish this, we meet you where you are culturally and engage holistically with the media and methods that best suit your needs. We prefer not to think of the services we provide as disconnected offerings or rinse-and-repeat solutions, but generally speaking the work we do falls into the following broad categories:

Identity & Strategy

Who are you, as a company? Arriving at a sufficiently defined answer to this question is simple in concept but difficult in practice, and is an integral first step to any genuine and sustainably successful branding initiative. A true and precise knowledge of your identity, your values, and how you transform ideas into action leads naturally to developing meaningful goals and impactful long-term strategies.

What kind of work takes place?

  • We get to know you, and help you clearly define who you are
  • Research and strategic analysis
  • Proven processes followed and documentation developed in support of the above

Authenticity Branding

Our approach to branding involves leveraging a genuine understanding of what makes you tick and how you’re unique to breathe realness, vibrancy, and engageability into the ways in which you come into contact with your audience. We don’t attempt to “manufacture” authenticity - we actually strive to truthfully relate your truth.

What kind of work takes place?

  • Develop brand strategy
  • Establish and document branding guidelines
  • Produce branded assets

User Experience Design

UX has come to carry many meanings. We see it as a practice best applied to software that elicits a substantial level of interaction from users (we wouldn’t recommend applying a full-fledged UX design process to a product landing page, but consider it indispensable for a mobile app, for example). We hit the three pillars of UX - research, design, and testing - with a series of structured, industry-proven methods.

What kind of work takes place?

  • User research
  • Design process, implementation, and validation
  • Testing and iteration

Web & App Development

We’re passionate - and fairly obsessive, frankly - about creating websites and mobile applications that satisfy business needs, meet user expectations, and are delightful enough to interact with that people go “Aah… I like this!” – like, out loud, to themselves (but hopefully not in a public setting). A prime consideration is that your company’s essence and character is being accurately and skillfully represented.

What kind of work takes place?

  • Web design and development (includes CMS implementation)
  • Mobile app design and development
  • Ongoing technical support and product maintenance

Message & Voice

Voice and tone is a hugely important and largely underrated factor in the health of a company, often reduced to little more than a snappy tagline or considered as an optional embellishment. The truth is it’s impossible not to transmit meaning in between the lines, and only by purposefully considering your communications can you be sure you're conveying the desired message.

What kind of work takes place?

  • Voice guidelines
  • Content creation
  • Communication coaching