Reveal your brand's authentic voice to sustainably

Hey, we’re Wake Media, a tight-knit organizational identity agency, prophets of Authenticity Branding, and just all-around nice folks. We’re a boutique agency with all the implied benefits – flexible, efficient, personalized, creative, and passionate. Feel free to reach out to us, or scroll through some of our latest projects to get an idea of what we do:


Web design: Facilitating the rebirth of a web presence

Glownet, Ltd.

Identity: Creating a solid, consistent brand.

iOn Healing App Website

Web Design: Crafting a home fit for a hero.


Re-Branding: Building a cutting edge image.

Martin Capital Advisors

Identity: Creating a solid, consistent brand.

GJ Education Consulting

Identity: Creating Brand Awareness through Visual Medium.

iOn Healing Mobile App Design

UI/UX Design: Shaping the image, building the experience.

Ranger Concrete Contractors

Identity: Building a Strong Foundation.