The Wake Manifesto

This is how we see things, and these are the values that inform our work. We actually care about the ideas expressed here and do our best to use them in making decisions small to large.

Our Pledge to You

We’ll only pursue taking on a project after we’ve ensured that our company culture and overall vision is compatible with yours. We only want the project if it’s the best thing for everyone involved.

Our method


We practice Authenticity Branding, which involves understanding who you are and communicating that in the most sincere, direct way possible. We’re fiercely convinced this is the best way to connect to an audience and maintain a sustainable, rewarding company culture.

Our purpose


We aim to decrease the amount of bullshit in the world – even if just by a smidgeon – by introducing as much authenticity and originality into our work as we’re capable of. We envision a world where ideas thrive on their actual merit and nobody has to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

Rules We Abide By

Maintain Integrity

Treat people with the respect they deserve. Be true to who you are and remain loyal to what you believe in.

Pursue Mastery

Strive always to achieve greater degrees of skill in your areas of specialty. Not to please anyone else, but for your own satisfaction.

Trust Your Team

Empower yourself and others by putting confidence in the fact that your team is just as responsible and capable as you are.

Be Transparent

Be as straight up as you can with yourself, teammates, and clients. Trust that your real thoughts and intentions will be valued.

Face Challenges

When faced with a difficult situation worthy of overcoming, see it as the golden opportunity to grow that it is.

Value Collaboration

Strive more to understand others’ viewpoints than to promote your own. Be open to constructive feedback.

Have Fun

If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’re not on the right path. Allow yourself the privilege of taking pleasure in your work.

Follow Your Path

Be guided by your own light. Don’t merely “keep up” with trends; set your own agenda, standards, and direction.

Practice Altruism

At least twice a year, volunteer your expertise and genuine caring towards a project that inspires you.