In a nutshell

This is our first volunteer project. Staying true to our values, this project falls under our idea of altruism, where we choose to volunteer our time and services to an organization or project that inspires us. DESEA Peru, to put it simply, inspires us. We started with a visit to their home office in the Sacred Valley of Peru and to some of the remote communities they serve in the high Andes.

This was followed by a five-month-long project, where we worked together closely to identify their unique organizational identity, branding and messaging, and overall website development.

DESEA Peru is an NGO serving families in the High Andes.

This is what we did.



Project Category

Branding & Identity




Identity & Strategy
Web Design & Development
Messaging & Voice

Project overview

The first step was to work together to create a uniform organizational identity. This took shape by concentrating first on the mission statement - why the organization exists. Having clearly identified the new mission statement, the next step was to consider what DESEA Peru would look like in a future successful state which led to uncovering the vision statement.

We continued working side by side to craft the rest of the organizational identity, including organizational values, logo, color palette, and typography.

Primary Color Palette

We chose to use bright and vibrant colors to make up the primary four-color palette. These colors are representative of the colors found throughout high Andean communities, specifically in their clothing. These colors are so unique that they are immediately associated with this region.

Blue Bolt


Harlequin Green


Vivid Gamboge


Parisian Rose


Correct Logo Usage

A brand’s logo can be a powerful asset when creating brand recognition. It’s important to remain consistent in use and always display the logo in the best way possible. The following are ways in which the logo should not be used.

Web Development

The last step was to redesign their website. Our focus was to create a visual website giving visitors a glimpse into the lives of those that DESEA serves. Here are a few images of the new site.

Here's what they had to say:

Wake Media has made an invaluable contribution to our organization through their superb technical abilities and creativity in web design, social media, and brand marketing. Thanks to their dedication, visitors to our website now have a clear and inspiring view of the work that we are doing. We simply can’t say enough about their professionalism, capabilities, and vision!

- Sandra McGirr

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