In a nutshell

Glownet, Ltd., a tech startup and a leader in their industry, approached us with an exciting and challenging project opportunity: to create a refined, consistent, cutting-edge brand image befitting of a leading company in the live events industry. With their global offices in London, operations hub in Madrid, and a footprint in six out of seven continents (Antartica will have to wait), we gathered our resources, visited their offices, and began the work of refining their look.

It started off with a deep dive into their cultural identity and positioning (both internally and in the market), followed by the creation of consistency guidelines throughout their brand image in terms of colors, typography, voice & tone (resulting in their official Brand Guide Book), arming them with marketing collateral templates (new business cards, product spec sheets, presentation decks, and brochures), the creation of an animated explainer video following the journey of a typical customer using the Glownet technology, and finishing up with a complete overhaul of their corporate website and knowledge base. Take a look at some of our collaboration below!

The work

Identity & Strategy
Web Solutions
Development Solutions
Messaging and Voice
Video Animation

It all starts with a conversation

A 30-minute phone call is all we need to determine if we’re a good fit for each other.